Organic Manure Supply

Desi cow dung manure is rich in N-P-K value and contains important micro-organisms that help in improving soil health and plant growth. This compost manure has several benefits in the plantation or farming. Compost cow dung manure adds a good amount of organic mass into the soil. By mixing cow dung manure into the soil, we can improve the moisture-holding capacity of the soil. It also improves the aeration of the soil by loosening the soil. Compost manure has many beneficial bacterias that convert nutrients into an easily accessible form for plant roots to absorb easily.

Cow dung manure produces very few greenhouse gases, making it environment friendly. Desi cow dung manure acts as an excellent organic fertilizer to promote the growth of the plants. When fed to plants and vegetables it becomes nutrient-rich fertilizer.


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From Desi Cows

Our cow dung manure is made from pure desi cow dung. Desi cow dung has special micro-organisms and beneficial bacterias. These are quite useful for plants and vegetables.

Naturally Compost

Our desi cow dung manure is natural compost by naturally formed grub worms in the cow dung. These worms eat cow dung and generate compost manure.

Organic Fertilizer

Desi cow dung is an excellent organic fertilizer for plants and vegetables. It contains rich nutrients that help plant roots to absorb nutrients present in the manure.

Soil Health Booster

Desi cow dung manure has beneficial bacterias that help loosen the compact soil and improves aeration to turn normal soil into rich healthy soil for plantations.

Uses for Cow Dung

 Fuel - cow dung patties (goottee) for cooking

 Fertilizer - composting makes it even more powerful.
 Heat source - cow dung is naturally hot -compost makes hotter put in glass house to heat glass house or run pipes thru it to get hot water.
 Purifier - natural antiseptic qualities
 Floor coating - used mixed with mud and water on floors in mud houses. Improves water absorption of mud. Prevents muddy puddles resulting from spilt wa ter.
 Mud brick additive - improves resistance to disintegration
 Skin tonic - mixed with crushed neem leaves smeared on skin - good for boils and heat rash (SP used it for heat rash in Mayapur.)
 Smoke producer - smoldering cow patties keep away mosquitoes. Can also make smoked paneer over such smoke. Tastes great in pasta!
 Ash - from patties used in cooking-Pot cleaner - used dry, absorbs oil and fat; wet, as a general cleaner.
 Brass polisher - tamarind removes oxidation - wet ashes polishes.
 Fertilizer - alkaline - cow dung ash is basically lime with a few other minerals mixed into it.
 Mud additive - dries up slippery mud puddles. Mud brick additive - mud and lime (cow dung ashes) becomes like cement
 Pond PH balancer - thrown into pond neutralizes acid.
 Tooth polish
 Sun-dried organic recreational-aerodynamic-device -cow patty Frisbees;
 Fan for fire - large cow patties can be used as make-shift fans.
 Deity worship - ingredient in pancha gavya
 Seed protector- covering seeds in dung before planting helps to protect against pests.
 Fresh Cow urine taken thirty days straight is an ayurvedic remedy for Brights disease.

 Disposable camphor lamps for use during fire sacrifices.
 Another use of cow pies (and camel dung) mix with fresh water till you have a paste and apply to skin diseases. It seems to work to ease the Itching of psoriasis.
 If you soak your feet in cow urine it will cure athletes feet.
 Fresh, less than hours old cow urine seems to have some helpful effect on teen age pimple eruptions. Wipe on face before going to bed. That is in an old herbal book I found??? wash off in the morning!
 Smoke from Cow-dung or coal actually increases our eyelids to close & open so many times & lot of water from the eyes comes out & the advantage is that it increases the vision life of a person to old age also.
 For seed-raising –
 I also use cow dung on insect stings let it dry and then wash with hot soapy water.
 Cow urine can be used for stones (kidney, gall etc.) shot glass full first thing in the morning fresh from the cow for 21 days (uric acid in cow urine dissolves these stones to a manageable size.
 Apparently, the traditional Indian village system of wiping the floor daily with a mixture of water and fresh cow dung assures that flies will not settle there.
        Dr. Laxmi Narain Modi in his presentation for the Livestock Policy Perspective 2020 July 5-7 1995, held in India stated:
"Dung and urine from cows and bulls (cattle) are essential for organic manure (OM) which is used in the construction of new houses, frequent coating of floors and walls of mud houses to protect from insects, and as a base for bio-gas programs. There are innumerable other uses for traditional medicines."