Punganur Cow specialilty - Uses
1 Aug, 2018

The Punganur cattle are mainly used for milk production. Their milk contain high fat content and rich in medicinal properties.

Its average height is 70–90 cm and its weight is 115–200 kg. The cow has an average milk yield of 3-50 L/day and has a daily feed intake of 5 kg. It is highly drought resistant, and able to survive exclusively on dry fodder.

Protection of Cows reference from Bhagavat Gita 14.6
1 Aug, 2018

karmaṇaḥ sukṛtasyāhuḥ
sāttvikaṁ nirmalaṁ phalam
rajasas tu phalaṁ duḥkham
ajñānaṁ tamasaḥ phalam